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Collaborative Matching

Collaborative matching and connecting compatible users.

“…wherein each of the one or more values, terms, conditions or other parameters of a clause, contract or contract template is associated with one or more collaboration compatibility levels…

U.S. Patent – Patent# 10,007,405 B2

Collaborative Networks & Groups

Groups and individuals collaborating on creative works across a network.

“…an environment on a commu­nication network for collaboration between a plurality of users on a plurality of collaborative works that are based on one or more source works…”

US Patent – Patent# US 8706809 B2

Storing Collaboration Agreements

Collaborative agreements can be securely stored using blockchain and other technology.

“…wherein the stored agreement comprises, at least one of: an assignment of rights document, a use agreement, a creative contribution authorization, an investment agreement, a financing agreement, a crowd fund­ing agreement, or a contribution credit.” 

US Patent – Patent# US 9100444 B2

Stranded Blockchains

Multiple blockchains running dependent on a master chain the Stranded Chain.

“…linking a first plurality of data blocks into a first blockchain attached to the Smartblock;
linking at least a second plurality of data blocks into an at least second blockchain attached to the Smartblock; and
terminating the first blockchain and the at least second blockchain at a second Smartblock.” 

US Patent – Patent# US20200019288A1